Vision Zero

Progress to date

5 year strategy (2021 – 2026)

  • Reduce fatalities, serious injuries, number, and severity of collisions
  • Develop an evidence base, including research and trials, monitoring of existing approaches and developing toolkits and programmes
  • Improve collaboration between partners and stakeholders
  • Embed the Safe System approach
  • Promote Vision Zero to Kent’s public
  • Increase levels of safety for walking and cycling

Progress so far

Work has been undertaken to make improvements to the over-arching approach towards reaching the vision and to support each of the individual five Safe Systems themes that are: Safe Behaviours, Safer Roads and Streets, Safe Vehicles, Safe Speeds, Post Collision Response.

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Safe System Implementation

  • Leadership Changes
  • Co-ordinating & Collaborating
  • Data Led
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Promotion

Safe Roads and Streets

  • School Street Schemes
  • Near-miss recording trial development
  • Active Travel Infrastructure Work
  • Active Travel Interventions Team’s work
  • Highway Improvements Teams work
  • School Crossing Patrol Service

Safe Speeds

  • Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership
  • Community Speed Watch
  • Active Travel Infrastructure Work (20 MPH Zones)
  • Town-wide 20 mph trials
  • Average Speed Camera Trials in local communities with established Community Speed Watch schemes

Safe Behaviours

  • Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity, Campaigns, Interventions
  • Kent Driver Education Courses
  • Cycle Training
  • Pedestrian Skills Training
  • Walking Bus
  • Active Travel Interventions Team’s work

Post Collision Response

  • Weekly partnership meetings involving representatives from Kent County Council, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, National Highways and Medway Council have been introduced. These meetings discuss incidents that have occurred in the week as well as enforcement activity, educational interventions and other aspects that support the VZ pillars
  • Bi-monthly meetings to discuss possible solutions to the most serious of recent incidents have also been introduced

Safer Vehicles

  • Fleet Engagement
  • Surround the Town events
  • Driving for Better Business

Next steps

Positive strides have been taken towards implementing the Vision Zero Strategy aspirations since it was adopted and this has provided a good foundation for the ongoing development of the strategy.

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We will continue to implement and monitor the actions laid out in the five year strategy

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These will be reviewed and inform the development of the ongoing strategy

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All with the aim of contributing to our overall aim of zero, or as close as possible, road fatalities or life-changing injuries