Some may say achieving zero road fatalities is impossible. Each fatality on our roads is a human being and we believe zero fatalities is the only ambition to have.

We want to see a gradual and consistent reduction in fatalities measured over five-year periods, with the aim of a 50% reduction by 2030.


Fatalities in 2021

What is vision Zero?

Vision Zero is about the commitment to reaching the target of zero road fatalities by 2050. We want to see numbers drop over 5 year periods.

Why we need to reach zero

Deaths and life changing injury on the road are not an acceptable price to pay for mobility. We want Kent to feel and be safer and happier for all.

How we’re going to do it

Objectives will be met through partnership working, an evidence-led approach and by combining engineering, education and enforcement.

Creating a Safe System

Vision Zero acknowledges that people make mistakes; our aim is to ensure these mistakes do not cause a death or a life-changing injury.

To do so, we must ensure:

  • Safe behaviour
  • Safe speed
  • Post collision response
  • Safe vehicles
  • Safe roads & streets

Community Engagement

Community engagement is at the heart of this strategy; if Vision Zero is to succeed, it will depend on the public and stakeholders sharing KCC’s ambition and working together to achieve it.

To do this, we will consider

Community concern

Consider community concerns in addition to using collision data to making changes on our streets.

Injury reduction

Not just reducing road casualties but ensuring residents feel safe.

Research and pilot schemes

For example, using average speed cameras; engaging in community opinion to make changes to certain roads.

Common responsibility

Making sure residents take responsibility on our roads and helping those that want change to achieve it.

Localised campaigns

Targeted campaigns for areas where residents have concerns, for instance outside a school.


Increasing dialogue with community, organisations and partners.

Next 5 years strategy

  • Reduce fatalities, serious injuries, number, and severity of collisions
  • Develop an evidence base, including research and trials, monitoring of existing approaches and developing toolkits and programmes
  • Improve collaboration between partners and stakeholders
  • Embed the Safe System approach
  • Promote Vision Zero to Kent’s public
  • Increase levels of safety for walking and cycling

The 2050 Vision strategy

The ambition of this strategy is to make Kent the best place to live and work in the UK. We want make Kent’s roads, streets, towns and villages feel and be safer for all, with the aspiration of reducing road fatalities to zero by 2050.

Zero, or as close as possible, road fatalities or life-changing injuries

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Walking and cycling is a safe and easy choice

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A Safe System is the norm

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Kent at the forefront of road safety innovation

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Consultation report

The consultation on the draft Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy for Kent 2021 was undertaken to provide the opportunity for a wide range of people to comment on its proposals. Consultees were invited to provide their feedback via a questionnaire, which was available online and in hard copy on request. All the responses have been collated and considered in the analysis of the consultation’s results.

Learn about the findings from the report