The Partnership was formed in July 2002, in order to reduce death and serious injuries on Kent and Medway’s roads. It is responsible for the operation of safety cameras within Kent and Medway.

Safety cameras are not placed on roads where they will make the most money. Enforcement only takes place at sites where a specific number of people have been killed or seriously injured (KSI) in speed-related crashes. For fixed sites there will have been three or more KSIs and for mobile sites, one or more KSIs; both over a three-year period.

An Operational Review is carried out every two years to ensure each safety camera site is fit for purpose.  Casualty figures, collision data and speeding data is reviewed in this process.The Partnership supports the Kent & Medway Casualty Reduction Group’s road safety strategy, which has a target of a 33% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured in the county by 2020.

Please download the PDF for Kent & Medway Safety camera Partnership’s Strategy

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