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Community Speedwatch enables groups of concerned citizens to reduce excessive vehicle speeds on their roads.

Operating at the roadside in 20, 30, and 40 miles per hour (mph) limits, Speedwatch practitioners monitor the speeds of passing vehicles using portable speed indication devices. They record and report the speed and identifying details of vehicles travelling at or above nationally-specified speed thresholds (25, 35, and 46mph respectively).

The registered keepers of vehicles seen repeatedly or excessively speeding anywhere in Kent in the previous 12 months are then sent a warning letter and advice by Kent Police.

Community Speedwatch (CSW) helps to:  

  • increase the awareness of speeding and encourage drivers to address their
  • behaviour without being penalised
  • reduce deaths, injuries and collisions on local roads
  • improve the safety and quality of life for local communities

Who runs a Community Speedwatch Scheme?

A CSW scheme is ‘owned’ and operated by the community group that runs it – for example, the local parish council or a residents association.

How can I get a Speedwatch scheme started?

Community leaders (for example parish councillors, community wardens or police community support officers) identify one or more local residents aged 18 and over who want to participate. They buy, share or borrow a speed indication device. Participants must receive safety awareness training and get their local Speedwatch sites risk assessed by the Kent Police Speedwatch Support Team.

Is Speedwatch safe?

The roadside is potentially a dangerous place. Safety is therefore the primary concern and priority focus for all Speedwatch practitioners. This applies to both their own safety that of passing road users.
CSW participants receive safety awareness training from the Kent Police Speedwatch Support Team before starting roadside activity.
All roadside activity is at specified, risk-assessed sites.
Since its inception in 2006, Speedwatch in Kent has maintained a very good safety record.

Are drivers penalised as a result of Speedwatch?

Speedwatch is an education-centred, community-led initiative. No prosecutions or penalties are received as a direct result of any Speedwatch activity. Only warning letters are sent to registered owners of vehicles detected speeding. Speedwatch data is used to inform separate enforcement operations targeting speeding vehicles.

For contact details, useful information, or to set up a group please visit the Community Speedwatch page or contact the team by email at  or via Twitter at @kentspeedwatch

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