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Where it started

The roots of Safety Camera Partnerships were linked to section 89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, under which it is an offence to exceed the speed limit. The Road Traffic Law Review, set up in 1985 and which reported in 1988, recommended that greater use should be made of technological innovations to promote compliance with road traffic law, including modern camera technology. The necessary legislation supporting this recommendation was put in place through the Road Traffic Act 1991.

The Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership was formed in July 2002, in order to reduce death and serious injuries on Kent and Medway’s roads. Contrary to popular belief, safety cameras are not placed on roads where they will make the most money. Enforcement only takes place at sites where there is a history of fatal and seriously injured casualties and where speed has been a contributory factor in crashes.

Who’s in the partnership?

The Partnership comprises: Kent County Council, Medway Council, National Highways and Kent Police and is responsible for the operation of speed, red light and average speed safety cameras within Kent and Medway.

The Partnership is committed to influencing, educating and encouraging motorists on the roads in Kent and Medway to slow down, stay within the speed limit and help reduce the number of speed-related crashes and casualties through the combination of education, publicity and enforcement.

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