Site Selection

The decision upon whether a fixed camera or camera van can be installed at a site depends upon the relevant highway authority for the area. This will either be Kent County Council, Medway Council or the Highways England. The Partnership’s role is to enforce and maintain these sites.

All safety camera sites are selected with the aim of reducing crashes and casualties.

Who sets the speed limits?

On motorways and trunk roads, speed limits are set by the Highways Agency. On all other roads it is either Kent County Council or Medway Council. Before a speed limit is set, the police are consulted and a traffic regulation order is issued where required.  A restricted road where there is a system of street lighting has a default speed limit of 30 miles per hour unless another limit is indicated. A Traffic Regulation Order is not required for most 30mph limits.

Who decides where safety cameras are needed to enforce speed limits?

It is the responsibility of the local highway authorities (Kent County Council, Medway Council, Highways England) to site safety cameras.

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