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Kent Police have for many years seen the benefit of dealing with a number of traffic offences by way of an educational course rather than a prosecution.  The rationale is based on the notion that a course is more likely to achieve improved driving behaviour than a prosecution that would simply result in a fine and penalty points.

If you receive a speeding ticket within a certain speed limit threshold you may be given the opportunity of attending a National Speed Awareness Course.  This is an alternative to receiving points on your licence and a £100 fine.

Speed Awareness Courses cost £92 and are offered to drivers or riders with the aim of changing attitudes to speeding and thereby driving behaviour.

You can attend one National Speed Awareness Course in three years. Any further offending will be dealt with by prosecution.

Excessive or inappropriate speed is a contributory factor in most vehicle crashes.  It is important to remember that exceeding the limit, even by just a few miles and hour, can have a dramatic effect on the severity of a crash.

Book, pay and more information – Speed Awareness Course (run by Kent County Council).

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