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What is the penalty for using a mobile phone while driving? 6 penalty points and a £200 fine, and if you passed your test in the last two years you’ll lose your license.

Safety camera vans now enforce mobile phone offences, as well as drivers not wearing a seat belt and speeding motorists.

Mobile phone use whilst driving Camera operators trigger the laser camera when they see these offences being committed and they are recorded on the DVD system as evidence. The DVD then goes to the Driver Diversion Team where staff send a request for driver information to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

What are my options?

I’ve been driving for longer than 2 years

You’ll receive 6 points on your license and a £200 fine.

I passed my test less than 2 years ago

Unfortunately, you’ll lose your license if you’ve been caught.

If my case goes to court

In addition to the 6 points, discretionary disqualification can be added on top of the existing maximum fine of £1,000. This can rise to £2,500 in the case of a driver of a bus, coach or goods vehicle.

Knowing the law

What’s does the law state?

It is illegal to drive a vehicle and use a hand-held mobile phone or similar device. It is also illegal to supervise a learner driver while using a hand-held phone.

Definition of ‘driving’

‘Driving’ is also defined as when the engine is running, so pulling into a lay-by and not switching off the ignition, or stopping at traffic lights also counts as driving.

Get the Message?

Talking, texting or downloading data onto your phone requires you to concentrate on that activity. Research has proved that if you use your mobile phone (hands-free or hand-held) whilst driving, your reaction times are worse than if you drive under the influence of alcohol and you significantly miss more road warning signs.

For more information about your fixed penalty contact the Kent Police Driver Diversion Team.

It’s simple – Just Drive!

Before you start the engine of your car, van, bus or truck, switch off your mobile. Set your phone to voicemail or call divert, that way you will not miss a call. If you are on a long journey take regular breaks, get out and walk about and make your calls then.