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Did you know, street lights hold a secret… Street lights mean 30mph, unless otherwise stated. If you don’t know the speed limit in the area you are driving and there are street lights, just remember the speed of the lights. Knowledge is life. Drive smart, arrive safe.


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Built up areas 

If you are unsure of the speed limit on a particular road where it is built up and there are street lights, assume that the speed limit is 30mph. If the speed limit is above 30mph there will be repeater speed limit signs placed in regular intervals.

The law does not allow Highways Authorities to place repeater speed limit signs in a 30mph area where there is a system of street lighting, lit or unlit.

VehicleBuilt-up area
(Street Lit)*
Cars and bikesStreet lights mean 3060 MPH70 MPH70 MPH
CaravansStreet lights mean 3050 MPH60 MPH60 MPH
BussesStreet lights mean 3050 MPH60 MPH70 MPH
Vans Less than 7.5 tonStreet lights mean 3050 MPH60 MPH ++70 MPH
++ +
Lorries more than 7.5 tonStreet lights mean 3050 MPH50 MPH60 MPH
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